Here are informational flyers of some opportunities for summer camps. 

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Health Careers Camp

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MSU offers Engineering Camps                                             

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Camp Infinity is a Technology Camp for girls

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Shop Rat is an introduction to Hands on Engineering 

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Pathfinder Press Apr/May 2017 .pdf

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Dear Parents/Guardians,  

“Down the stretch they come!!” This is the famous call in a horse race when the horses and their riders come around the last corner to complete the last quarter and finish the race. Believe it or not we are in that last quarter and racing hard to the finish line.

The biggest issue we are currently dealing with is the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress or M-STEP. Eighth graders began testing on April 10th and will be finished testing on May 5th. Seventh graders will be testing from May 1st through May 26th. To be clear, students do not test everyday in all subject areas. Instead we spread out the sections of the test throughout the testing window for each grade level to minimize test fatigue. All students will be tested in the areas of Math and English (reading and writing) with most using an online format. Seventh graders will also be tested on Science topics and eighth graders will be tested on Social Studies topics, both are online as well for the vast majority.

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PPress Feb/Mar 2017

Hello,  I trust you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.  I enjoyed seeing my children and my grandchildren. Not so long ago, my son was walking the halls of Pathfinder and now he is caring for his own children. Treasure the time with your child(ren) before you know it, they will be on their own and you may not see them nearly enough.

PPress Dec-Jan 2016-17

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Dear Parent/Guardian,  

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and December is upon us. With all that is going on around us we continue to work at providing your student a quality education.
We just completed our annual canned food drive. This year we included Navigator, which aided in our attempt to collect as much food as possible to benefit the senior citizens of our community. I want to express my gratitude to Mrs. Harris and our Choose to Lead class for taking on this wonderful activity.



Hard work pays off!

8th Grade Honor Roll

7th Grade Honor Roll

PPress Oct-Nov 2016 pdf

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Autumn is upon us. Very soon we will be experiencing crisp mornings, amazing fall colors, and hopefully, a Pinckney Pirate football playoff game. It is also the time when our classes are developing their rhythm and pace, setting the tone for the rest of the year. This is so important for our students since it establishes a consistent pat-tern that will set them up for success.  

finalbagsCommunity Service on 9/11

Pathfinder students honored 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance with a variety of service activities. In Mrs. Miller’s and Mrs. Schmidt's classes, students collected food items to assemble snack bags for local veterans. The individually decorated snack bags included an assortment of snacks and personal thank you notes to the vets for their service. In many classes, student followed the popular “I Will” campaign by pledging to serve others with “I Will” cards and posters, which were posted in the classrooms and hallways.